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  My son was paralyzed by the DPT shot when he was 4 yrs old. He was only able to blink, swallow, and breathe for 3 days, finally softening up, and dragging a leg for weeks.
  He was paralyzed from the Tetanus toxin in the DPT shot (same recipe as todays dtaP: Diphtheria, Pertussis, & Tetanus), because the lethal dose of Tetanus Toxin for 50 lb (universal dose) in his whooping cough shot didn't have enough anti-toxin. Had he weighed less than 40lb, he would have ended up another mysterious SIDS case.
  That was in 1984, and I've been tracking vaccinations ever since. It led me down the autism trail.

Adults should test these shots on themselves first (adjusted to their weight) to know the full impact of a "Universal Dose" (50lb dose) given to newborns & infants weighing much less!
  Toxoid shots for adults are 4-10x less toxic than those given to babies.

amish no autism
Unvaccinated populations, historically & globally, do not have Autism.

Allison Jones on 'The Panel' with Dr Andrew Wakefield (2016)

Vaccine booklet available here

vaccine science book


DEDICATED to my brother,
Dr Ron Jones,
PHD in Toxicology,
Cancer Researcher,
whom taught me early on
about physiology & cancer.


How vaccines are Made,
how they work
Vaccines are Designer Diseases
Dead Bacteria  *  Dead Virus  *  Live Virus

  Tetanus Toxin...  Gram-Negative LPS...  Diphtheria Toxin

  The outer membrane of Gram-Negative bacteria produces an extreme immune response,
they're used as adjuvants (immune stimulants) in vaccines,
such as, AS01 & AS04 with Salmonella MPL.
LPS = Lipo-poly-saccharides (outer membrane lipid).


  Astrocytes get inflamed protecting neurons.
Microglia cells are the Macrophages of the brain, the janitors.

Childhood Vaccine Microbes


1) The Toxoids:
Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxins need equal amounts of Antitoxin to keep the MLD (Minimum-Lethal-Dose) of them that's in all the whooping cough vaccines from killing the recipients (tetanus toxin) or destroying neurons in the limbic system (diphtheria toxin). They’re flocculated together (Lf), and called Toxoids.

2) Endotoxins:
LPS (lipo-poly-saccharides) are 'Endotoxins' of Gram-negative bacteria from their outer membranes.
  Just one molecule of LPS makes 100 million fibrinogen (that make normal blood clots) tangle into amyloid plaques that are not normal, starting a chain reaction of the body repairing perceived damage through the perceived threats from so many adjuvants, like LPS, in successful vaccines going for high antibody titers.
  Astrocytes get inflamed protecting neurons from LPS.
Amyloids prevent the brain from draining toxins (flushing out toxins that build up during the day) during sleep at night.

LPS (endotoxin) of Gram-Negative Bacteria in Vaccines:
    MPL = Mono-Phosphoryl-Lipid.
    OMPC = Outer Membrane Protein Complex.

3) Phenol:
Phenol is extremely lethal, only 1,000 ppm will kill a human within 5 minutes when injected. It's made from paraffin, which is coal tar (petroleum).
 Shots with Phenol (lethal dose 1,000 ppm 5 mins in human):
  a) Fluzone (popular flu shot) has 300 ppm.
  b) Adacel & Daptacel have 6,600 ppm.
  c) Pneumovax (strep shot) has 2,500 ppm.
  d) Pentacel has 6,600 ppm.
  e) IPOL (polio shot) has 5,000 ppm.

     Bacteria...         Virus...



Neuron development ("brain cell") in the Cerebral Cortex,
Newborn - 1mo - 3mo - 6mo - 12mo - 24mo



"...Unvaccinated populations,
historically & globally,
do NOT have autism...


  Microbiome Disbyosis:
  Our body is shaped like a donut with the G.I tract being the hole, so anything in there is still outside the body and must pass inspection by the immune system, thus, 80 % is in the gut).

  Emulsifiers & excitotoxins cause leaky gut which sets off an immune response that’s akin to a mob attack causing cell death, and neuro-degeneration. Thus, 80% of the neurotransmitter Serotonin is made in our gut, and lot through constant ‘Excitotoxicity' and Microbiome Disbyosis’.


Glutamates cause "Chemical Concussions" damaging neurons.

Hydrolyzed Gelatin:
This is suspension material to ensure the product does not settle and leave target germ material in the tip of the syringe, for example, so gelatin is added to some vaccines, mostly the live virus vaccines and Fluzone.
  Gelatin is from melting cow skeletons (leftover from slaughterhouse industry), and its ingestion in food and juice is one thing, but injection of gelatin should not occr in babies.

  The excitotoxins (glutamates, MSG) drive energy linked excito-toxicity. They knock magnesium off the NMDA receptors on cells, allowing too much calcium into the cell, which allows Mitochondria to die & break DNA. Broken DNA leads to broken protein fragments and the cell swells with useless proteins, leading to a damaged cell that’s targeted for destruction by the microglia cells. Microglia are the macrophages of the brain, marking these cells for apoptosis and their explosion which can lead to a chain reaction causing other cells nearby to become excitotoxic and explode.

1) Gelatin is Collagen from leftover cow skeletons, etc.
2) Injestion is not invasive like injection.
3) Proquad vaccine (MMR, varicella like viruses) contains 14,500 mcg of gelatin.

Glutamates, MSG,
Hydrolyzed Gelatin (collagen),
Hydrolyzed proteins.


Horses were infected with diphtheria bacteria to produce antibodies that could be used in vaccines (for whooping cough/pertussis) attached to diphtheria antitoxin.

Horses were also infected with tetanus bacteria to produce antibodies that could be used in vaccines (for whooping cough/pertussis) attached to tetanus antitoxin.


Vaccine production: Growing virus inside "immortalized" cells
wrapped around micro-carrier beads in fbs blood in tanks.

pediarix ingredients

Daptacel is a vaccine for Pertussis bacteria (whooping cough),
with Tetanux Toxoid & Diphtheria Toxoid (includes their antitoxins).

Oligodendrocyte cell wrapping around brain Neuron.

Nude Mouse (no immune system)

Large amounts of aluminum are used in many 'inactivated' vaccines.
  Vaccines are always excluded from every equation,
thus we never find the answers we are looking for...

Cell cultures lack immune systems,
so viruses become lazy (attenuated).
But, attenuated viruses in vaccines behave differently
such as, measles & polio:

 1) Measles can exist in a Quasi-species state.
The crippled 'Edmonston strain' used in all MMR vaccines can not infect human cells thru the normal measles entry called 'CD-150', but instead infects human cells through HHV-6 receptors on cells. HHV-6 is "Human Herpes Virus-6" which is a resident herpes virus inside humans and uses receptor CD-46. And because cancer cells in the human body are loaded with HHV-6 herpes virus with 10x more receptors on those cancer cells, they can use measles to kill tumors!

 2) Polio virus reverts back to its original virulent state within 48 hours.
This allows the body only 2 days to prepare for the real thing, which can be a set-up for disaster within malnourished children with their weakened immune systems suffer neuropathies or paralysis (such as, in India & Africa where we see this phenomenon), or, in America where children have greater nutrition and stronger immune systems, yet still shed new mutant strains of polio for months following live immunization, which created many of the EVs that began to appear in the 1960s, (EV-68, EV-71, & now, Hand-Foot-Mouth disease).

    "Most strains of H. influenzae (HIB) are opportunistic pathogens; that is, they usually live in their host without causing disease, but cause problems only when other factors (such as a viral infection, reduced immune function or chronically inflamed tissues, e.g. from allergies) create an opportunity." -(wikipedia)

"Interaction with Streptococcus pneumoniae: Both H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae can be found in the upper respiratory system of humans. In an in vitro study of competition, S. pneumoniae always overpowered H. influenzae by attacking it with hydrogen peroxide and stripping off the surface molecules H. influenzae needs for survival. When both bacteria are placed together into a nasal cavity, within 2 weeks, only H. influenzae survives." -(wikipedia)


  Beer Yeast: 'S. Cerevisaie' has virus genes inserted
into their genome to sweat out the viral
 They are ground up to be the substance
of some HepB and HPV vaccines, up to 5%
or target material containing antigens would be lost,
but this can cause shock & seizures.

  Hepatitis-B Virus (HBV) vaccine production diagram.

This is what I translate for charts, like the Cervarix Recipe above,
Here is the drug package insert from GSK (Glaxo-Smith-Kline):

  CERVARIX [Human Papillomavirus Bivalent (Types 16 and 18) Vaccine, Recombinant] is a non-infectious recombinant, AS04**-adjuvanted vaccine that contains recombinant L1 protein, the major antigenic protein of the capsid, of oncogenic HPV types 16 and 18.
  The L1 proteins are produced in separate bioreactors using the recombinant Baculovirus expression vector system in a serum-free culture media composed of chemically-defined lipids, vitamins, amino acids, and mineral salts. Following replication of the L1 encoding recombinant Baculovirus in Trichoplusia ni insect cells, the L1 protein accumulates in the cytoplasm of the cells. The L1 proteins are released by cell disruption and purified by a series of chromatographic and filtration methods. Assembly of the L1 proteins into virus-like particles (VLPs) occurs at the end of the purification process. The purified, non-infectious VLPs are then adsorbed on to aluminum (as hydroxide salt). The adjuvant system, AS04, is composed of 3-O-desacyl-4’-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL) adsorbed on to aluminum (as hydroxide salt).
  CERVARIX is prepared by combining the adsorbed VLPs of each HPV type together with the AS04 adjuvant system in sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, and Water for Injection.
  CERVARIX is a sterile suspension for intramuscular injection. Each 0.5-mL dose is formulated to contain 20 mcg of HPV type 16 L1 protein, 20 mcg of HPV type 18 L1 protein, 50 mcg of the 3-O-desacyl-4’-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), and 0.5 mg of aluminum hydroxide. Each dose also contains 4.4 mg of sodium chloride and 0.624 mg of sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. Each dose may also contain residual amounts of insect cell andviral protein (<40 ng) and bacterial cell protein (<150 ng) from the manufacturing process."

    - this quote is from the drug 'Cervarix' formation
listed by manufacturer GSK. (Research grants could start with the
dangerous levels of aluminum, repeated 3x within weeks of each other,
and the dangerous MPL of Salmonella (AS04), a powerful immunogenic LPS.
Because over-stimulation of the immune system can cause destructiion
in the wrong places in the body, for the wrong reasons.)



Salmonella LPS forces a strong immune response,
but one molecule of LPS (gram -negative bacteria) will cause
a million fibrinogens to become tangled into incorrect clots
called Amyloid plaques: malformed bloodclots.

The Vaccine RECIPES    


The Dorsal Root Ganglia hugs the spine.
It's where Varicella virus goes, which is Chicken Pox.
And Varicella is a Herpes virus that stays forever.


  Viruses for vaccines must be grown inside host cells.
The HeLa cells (of Henrietta Lacks) launched the age of viral vaccines
by providing a continuous cell line for polio vaccines -
in 1952 (she died in 1951).

  Cell-lines host viruses to multiply them for vaccine products, cells that have been kept alive for decades that have been "immortalized" so that they never die. Scientists figured out how to cancerize fetal cells by studying Henrietta's super cancer. This was in 1951, launching this era of blind vaccination.

Example of host cells wrapped around micro-carrier beads,
since HeLa cells are smaller, these larger foreskin cells make the process visible. Yes, when babies are circumcized at birth, their foreskins are not thrown away, instead they're sold to labs.


  Quote says: "...2. The cut-up monkey kidney tissue is digested with the enzyme trypsin in the blending room. A suspended solution of the digested material is then sent to the planting room."

This monkey kidney tissue describes when manipulation of oncogenes kept cells dividing forever, because they are now cancer cells. Henrietta Lacks's cancer cells taught them about immortalization when she died in 1951, and her cancer cells continued to live outside her body, something no one had ever seen from the few cases of cancer seen. Something rare before 1952 when polio virus vaccines were realized from growing tons of virus in Henrietta's cancer.
  'HeLa cells':[hee-lah].

Dehradun Plant for vaccine production in Uttarakhand, India.

  Virtually ALL virus seed cultures are grown in HeLa cancer cells (Henrietta Lacks cancer),
which is what launched the age of viral vaccines, starting with polio virus
grown in mass quantities in HeLa cells which never died.
  Prior to HeLa cells in 1951, viruses were grown in animals, like Smallpox
which was scraped off the underbelly of infected cows!

  Merck says: M-M-R II should be given one month before or after administration of other live viral vaccines. M-M-R II has been administered concurrently with VARIVAX® [Varicella Virus Vaccine Live (Oka/Merck)], and PedvaxHIB® [Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Meningococcal Protein Conjugate)] using separate injection sites and syringes.

  The Rubella virus in the 3 live virus MMR shot could be the problem virus, aided by the measles & mumps viruses infecting the immune system temporarily disabled.
  The MMR is designed so the measles & mumps viruses are allowed to proliferate and infect the recipient's cells, while the rubella virus is known to be extremely dangerous during early development, and to the human fetus. This rubella virus is genetically engineered to be (ts) temperature-sensitive, which means it replicates until the body has a fever and then it shuts down proliferation of more virus.
  There are 25,000 micro-cephaly births every year in America, and many could be from MMR vaccinations before women realize they're pregnant, or they got travel shots.
  Out of the 4 neuro-tropic viruses given simultaneously to 12 month old babies, the rubella virus would be the most dangerous, along with measles and mumps disabling the immune system long enough to create a perfect storm. Incredulously to any microbiologist, they have thrown in Herpes virus, Human Herpes Virus #3 (HHV-3), called Varicella, quaintly known as Chicken Pox, which is fraternal triplet with HHV-1 & HHV-2, called Herpes Simplex 1 & 2.

  Embryos of chickens are scrambled
with mini-blenders while inside their eggs,
to grow measles & mumps viruses for the MMR.

  Embryos of humans were turned into tumor cells,
called 'Immortal Cell-lines' (cells made cancerous)
to grow rubella & varicella viruses for the MMR.

All vaccine strains for measles are from David Edmonstons throat in 1965, then grown in HeLa cells (established 1951) which was the first cancer to live outside the body and immediately was used to produce large numbers of polio virus for vaccines, and then, for the first virus seed cultures of every virus to hit the market.


Cell-Lines are fed from aborted fetal cow blood
FBS (Fetal-Bovine-Serum)

The calf is still alive during slaughter to keep the blood fresh,
sucked out while still alive on the slaughterhouse floor.

Vats growing viruses for vaccines are red with blood
from fetal calves pulled out during slaughter for their fresh blood (Fetal Bovine Serum).


The multi-dose bottle (10 dose) bottles contains 250 mcg MERCURY,
thus each dose is 25 mcg mercury starting at 6 months, then every year.


  Most flu vaccines are dead virus ("inactivated") shots, but there has been a live flu virus vaccine sprayed up the nose, called Flu-Mist.
  Quick means to deliver drugs and live viruses into the brain (before the immune system has a chance to cover cribriform plate openings with mucus). The cribriform plate has numerous holes, like a salt shaker, for the nerves from the Olfactory Bulb to come down through the brain - to figure out what you are smelling. It's leftover from our prehistory as reptiles, which remains by the existence of our brainstem, considered by researchers as the reptile part of our brain.


Despite the good intentions of many doctors, there are "Experts" whom were bought and told to sell us cigarettes. Doctors are told to sell us drugs pushed by pharma companies, while performing cesareans to pay for their medical school. Negative research is not published. Any research on the negative effects of vaccines and the casualties that litter its history have been exempt from research, punishing any doctors that wished to study them, like Dr Andrew wakefield.

  The medical institution argued against handwashing back when some brilliant doctors figured out hand washing was a good idea. But it was forbidden, and the medical institution argued against these doctors in the courts for a mind-numbing 70 years, not passing until 1910!


Negative results are NOT published.
Researchers can NOT get grants to look at vaccine Adverse Events,
  thus, there are NO studies looking at vaccine problems.
  For example, viruses pick up genes, that's why Adenovirus was popular as a vector for genetic engineering in the beginning. So, why are there no studies to see what has been picked up and passed on by various viruses. From polio virus first grown in human HeLa cells (given live orally for decades) to the varicella virus which is a Human Herpes #3, (fraternal triplets HHV-1/2/3 head to their various niches forever on spinal ganglia - top, bottom, middle) being grown repeatedly ("Passaged") through human fetal cell-lines, most have been alive since the 1960s cloning themselves away ad infinitum.


Everything that makes us human is in our Limbic System,
millions of years of instinct are wired in there,
and when the neurons are lost there during development,
from various uniquely modern assaults on neurites,
these neurons are not replaceable,
and leave babies on the autism spectrum.

 Two species must be tested on to approve a drug/vaccine.

The polio vaccine was launched in 1952 thanks to Henrietta Lacks cancer cells,
inwhich they were able to grow polio virus in mass quantity.
The recipe for the IPV and OPV remains the same.,br> Because of reversion in the malnourished of India, they plan beyond 2016
to immunize with the IPV first (which is weak) and then, the OPV (which reverts back to prior attenuation virulence, with the most strongest strain dominating.

The Dehradun Plant where vaccines are produced. It's in Uttarakhand, India.


Autism started with the DPT
      The developing brain can be damaged by many things, but the unique effect that the tetanus & diphtheria toxins in the DPT whooping cough shot had on babies and children was bizarre and ignored, just as results are still ignored to this day. Causation damage is deflected - while neurologically altered children become apparent acceptable collateral damage for their programs, wiping out entire lineages of particular genes that could not tolerate repeated doses of diphtheria toxin or got a dose of toxin lacking antitoxin (like my son did, his DPT shot lacked antitoxin for the tetanus toxin).

    The DPT vaccine for whooping cough came out in the 1940's, something only the wealthy could afford, so the first cases of Autism appeared amongst them, blamed on the mothers. Experts called it 'Refrigerator Mother Syndrome' (see the book, "A Shot in the Dark" by Coulter)
  The Japanese figured out Autism in the 1950's when they gave the DPT shot (gift from America after the war) to a group of small children, and witnessed autism for the first time amongst this group, and tried various approaches to their vaccination program, making them available, but voluntary.
  The DPT/dtaP vaccine uses deadly levels of tetanus and diphtheria toxins (per body weight: 50lb for child doses 0.5mL, 100lb doses for adult doses 0.5mL) to make this shot work - causing a huge immune response so ALL foreign proteins are attacked... using the Principle of Allergic Reaction to get the target germ attacked - by default - when all foreign proteins are attacked, no matter how benign, like peanut butter and pollen, dander and dust... and pertussis bacteria is not toxic enough to be set off alarms, nor threatening in any way because it's DEAD.
  All foreign proteins present are attacked, hence allergies are the "learned" (acquired) immune responses to foreign proteins.

    Dtap/tdap is decaffeinated DPT, containing the same lethal doses for 50lb of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin in all brands containing a vaccine for whooping cough (pertussis).
  Pediarix has 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxin for babies. To understand how lethal that is for babies, adult shots are only 2.5 Lf diphtheria Toxin.

Bad Reactions to TOXIN shot
      Manufacturer's Notes on common "adverse events" (bad reactions) from the DtaP (whooping cough), now put in other shots. Super toxic being the MLD (minimum lethal dose) of deadly toxin for a 50lb child, given to babies. It needs to EXACT amount of Anti-Toxin or it will kill (SIDS) or leave them on the Spectrum from loss in the Limbic.

Right after:

EEG disturbances with encephalopathy,
Serious and acute neurological disorders,
Complicated convulsions (with or without fever),
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying (lasting 3 hrs or more),
Unusual & High-pitched Crying,
Collapse (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode),
Severe Neurological Complications.
Within 24 hours:

Fever, Drowsiness,
Fretfulness, Vomiting, Anorexia,
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying,
High-pitched and Unusual Cry,
Collapse (hypo-tonic-non-responsive episode),
Convulsions, Acute Encephalopathy,
Permanent Neurological Deficit.
Beyond 48 hours:

Chronic Neurological Damage, SIDS,
Infantile Spasm,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Learning Disabilities,
Attention-deficit Disorder,
Shock and "Unusual shock-like" state,
Protracted & Inconsolable Cry,
Peripheral Mononeuropathy,
Aseptic Meningitis,
Acute Encephalopathy,
Reye Syndrome.

  The phenomenon that babies have a hard time breathing
is from the MLD toxins in the whooping cough shots given at 2, 4, 6 mos.
If a shot does not have enough of the antitoxin
then the baby will experience being poisoned
from the Diphtheria.

  The Tetanus toxin lacking antitoxin can cause SIDS. for 3 days, then he would have not been able to breathe neither
and called yet another mysterious SIDS case,
because vaccines are exempt from being added into the equation.

Textbook Notes of DtaP Toxins
1) Diphtheria - "Diphtheria causes the progressive deterioration
of myelin sheaths in the central and peripheral nervous system
leading to degenerating motor control and loss of sensation."
"Diphtheria toxin is extraordinarily potent;
in sensitive species (e.g. humans, monkeys, rabbits)
as little as 100 to 150 ng per kg of body weight is lethal."

LETHAL DOSAGE for a 10 lb (4.5kg) baby is 0.4 mcg diphtheria toxin.

2) Tetanus -"Epilepsy is induced in lab rats by injecting them with Tetanus toxin, creating seismic activity, and their interest in new things disappears, locomotion is the same, but they explored everything less, from the familiar to novelty items."

"..Tetanus toxin (makes) their
interest in new things disappear,
locomotion is the same,
but they explored everything less,
from the familiar to novelty items."

The 3 Epochs of the Brain:
Reptile (brainstem),
Limbic (mammal),
NeoCortex (human).

  Our Neo-Cortex is the library part of our brain, it's just for storing information, while its the Limbic System is the engine room, the foundation of everything that makes us human.

It's the mammal brain that makes us human,
The Limbic System contains millions of years of genetic wiring.

Universal Doses
  Children's vaccines are made for ages 0-6 years, but are 'Universal Doses', One-Size-Fits-All , made for the weight of the oldest at 50 lbs.
The smallest amounts of tetanus are deadly to a 10 lb baby (4.5 kg).

Lethal Doses
1,000 ng = 1 ug/mcg
#1 - Lethal dose of Botulism: 1.0 ng per kg
#2 - Lethal dose of Tetanus: 2.5 ng per kg
#3 - Lethal dose of Diphtheria: 0.1 mcg per kg
10 lb baby = 4.5. kg

Adult Shot Sample (11-65yrs)
'Adacel' (dtaP)
Diphtheria toxin - 2 Lf**
Tetanus toxin - 5 Lf
Children Shots* (0-6yrs)
DtaP = 'Pediarix' (dtaP) Diphtheria toxin - 25 Lf
Tetanus toxin - 10 Lf

* NOTICE: It's banned for adults to get childrens dtaP shots!,
  it's "contra-indicated": AGAINST usage for adults (over 7).

 **Lf = 'Limes Flocculation' is coagulation of toxin to the antitoxin used to keep these shots from killing recipient.
  Lf only expresses the amount of antitoxin added, and NOT the amount of extra Toxin present, that is lacking antitoxin. This is why victims are random. Chaussures Nike Pas Cher


The Vaccine RECIPES

Nerves carry electric current just like electrical wires need insulation.

Brain MRI next to Diagram
The Limbic System is the animal part of the brain that makes us human.
We are born with cells in the limbic system that are wired with ancient instincts,
honed over millions of years for survival, which cannot be replaced.
  The limbic system contains instincts such as, imitating other human beings to know how to behave, melatonin production for deep sleep and the creation of new memories in the cerebral cortex above (the library part of the brain).

The brain on the left turned Autistic, (right is normal),
revealing collapse of the limbic system from lack of cells,
the large walnut-like cortex above it falls,
leaving a gap of visible space under the skull.

Vaccination should wait 2 years,
and be Voluntary...

The decline of disease was not from vaccines,
but due to sanitation techniques,
toilets, plumbing (1847),
antibody shots* (1890),
cars & roads (1920),
antibiotics (1940),
sabin oral polio** (1961).     *Antibody Shots led to the first vaccines. These antibodies were grown in living horses infected with tetanus or diphtheria toxin. They GIVE antibodies, instead of FORCING a body to make antibodies.






    Introductory Reference (40 pages with 12 in color)

tracking vaccinations booklet
Intro Reference about
how vaccines are made.
see Table of Contents

Kain, Del Bigtree, Allison Jones, Shuman, Andrew Wakefield, Silvers.

Do you know what's in a Shot?    

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